About Us

Attaining access to capital required to grow your company can be a very daunting task


Access to traditional bank financing has all but disappeared for small private and public companies. The continuous consolidation of the financial services industry has made raising capital and securing funding an extremely difficult endeavor. Microcap companies who aren’t completely familiar with the current financial landscape may find themselves at a loss to understand exactly what financial instruments are presently available outside of traditional investment banks. Such instruments include private placements and private equity funding. Our accredited investors are here to assist you

Our specialized global financial network of investors provide expert assistance


At Microcap Funding accessing a broad spectrum of financing instruments which we can specifically tailor to your capital funding requirements is what we do, so that you can focus on growing your company. Whatever your capital requirements consist of, we have a global network of investment experts   who specialize in putting together the right financing options that best suit your companies growing needs.

With Microcap Funding you are one step closer to raising capital and meeting your funding objectives


We offer complete assistance with all financial planning requirements consisting of; locating, arranging, analyzing, negotiating and obtaining debt and equity resources from US Government TAFT, TARP and SBA loans, to PIPE(Private Investment in Public Entity) transactions and more.